“Important skills for seniors when driving”

Bill Kennedy Presents


A comprehensive guide to provide the senior driver with a variety of ideas, techniques, and recommendations that may help them in their driving. 



Bill Kennedy has spent most of his life in Topeka, Kansas. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas and earned his Master’s Degree in Education from Washburn University in Topeka. Bill has been a teacher and coach for over 30 years. He is owner of the largest driving school in the state of Kansas serving over 30,000 students since 1994.

Bill has always enjoyed teaching as a profession and feels that it is very important to work with beginning and experienced drivers in improving their abilities to drive safely. This process should be ongoing throughout a person’s driving career.

How to order

Call 800-557-7357 or send $10.95 (includes S&H) with return address to:


Topeka Driving School

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