Bill Kennedy, Owner

Bill Kennedy, Owner

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Kennedy Driving School Provides:




Course Eligibility
"Minimum requirements, KS. M.V.D. Age to drive." Any person 14 years or older. For safety reasons, each student must demonstrate proficiency in understanding and speaking English before any class room or behind-the-wheel instruction can be provided. If English proficiency is a concern, please call our office to discuss the situation before submitting a registration or any payment.

Course Length
The length of time that each student needs will depend upon their flexibility to schedule the driving sessions.

Academic Schedule
Each classroom session will be scheduled for a total of eight (8) hours. There will be a limited enrollment. The classes are offered January through December of each year. Required - Some medical questions related to driving.

Academic Expectations
The academic expectations consist of each student passing the written post-test with a score of 90% or above. The questions on the post-test will come from materials presented during the academic eight hour classroom session.

Academic Classroom Curriculum

  1. Written pre-test

  2. Defensive driving philosophies

  3. Signs, signals and markings

  4. Other rules and regulations

  5. City and residential driving
    a. Maneuvers and procedures

  6. Night driving

  7. Adverse driving conditions

  8. Highway and freeway driving

  9. Special driving situations

  10. Alcohol and driving

  11. Written post-test
    a. Test covering material included in classroom curriculum (2-10 above)

Behind-the-Wheel Expectations
The times for the behind-the-wheel driving sessions will be agreed upon between the teacher and the student. The teaching will be one-on-one and the student will be picked up at their home and returned to their home or any destination of their choice (within the city limits of Manhattan). The driving (behind-the-wheel) course will consist of six 60-minute periods. The driving lessons will be scheduled at the student's convenience. The student will be expected to successfully pass the behind-the-wheel driving competencies to the teacher's satisfaction. There is no guarantee that the student will pass this course. A Kansas Driver's License is issue by the KS. Div of Motor Vehicles.

Behind-the-Wheel Curriculum
Lesson 1: Light Residential Driving


Pre-driving procedure
Steering, signaling, mirrors
Centering, speed control
Defensive driving strategies

Lesson 2: City Traffic (right turns)


Right turns at red lights
Following distance rules
Centering (4-lane street)
Defensive driving strategies

Lesson 3: City Traffic (one way)


Turns onto the nearest correct lane
Lane changing procedures
Right turn signal procedure
Defensive driving strategies

Lesson 4: City Traffic (left turns/parking)


Left turns (solid/green/arrow)
Parking (angle, perpendicular)
Backing (right/left/straight)
Defensive driving strategies

Lesson 5: Highway Driving


Getting on/off
Passing procedures
Centering and speed control
Defensive driving strategies

Lesson 6: Reviews and Repetition

Refund Policy
If partial payment or payment in full is made for a student, the refund is as follows:

  1. If a student is not able to attend any portion of the eight hours of academic classroom instruction, and/or any portion of the six hours of in car, behind-the-wheel instruction, per the contract agreement the “non-refundable deposit” will be kept by the school. If all tuition fees have been paid in full, the “class fee” will be refunded.

  2. If the student attends any portion of the eight hours of academic classroom instruction and cannot continue the course, both the “non-refundable deposit” and the “class fee” will be kept and not refunded.

  3. Rescheduling to use nonrefundable fees may be considered up to one year from the date on the student contract.